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CS106A Handout 05 Spring 2011 March 30 th , 2011 Assignment 1: Karel the Robot Part I—Get an electronic mail account A few years ago, some students would start off in CS 106A without having an e-mail account, but students today are so much more familiar with the electronic world that not having an e-mail address has become exceedingly rare. If, by some chance, you are one of those holdouts who do not use e-mail, make sure that you get someone from the course staff to help you set up your account. Part II—Send mail to your section leader Send an introductory e-mail message to your section leader (as soon as you know who it is). Here’s the information to include in your e-mail: 1. Your name 2. Your year (frosh, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, other) 3. Your major or area of interest ("unknown" is a perfectly acceptable answer) 4. Why you decided to take CS 106A 5. What you are most looking forward to about the class 6. What you are least looking forward to about the class 7. Any suggestions that you think might help you learn and master the course material And if you feel like giving us a little more to remember you by, you could also include the following: 8. What you like to do in your spare time. 9. A quick anecdote about something that makes you unique—a talent, an unusual experience, or anything of that sort. Due: Friday, April 8 th at 5:00 p.m. Part III—Solve some Karel problems The real problem-solving part of this assignment consists of four Karel programs. There are starter projects for each of these problems on the CS 106 web site in the area for Assignment 1. When you want to work on one of these programs, you need to download that starter folder as described in Handout 04 (Using Karel in Eclipse). From there, you need to edit the program files so that the assignment actually does what it’s supposed to do, which will involve a cycle of coding, testing, and debugging until everything works. The final step is to submit your assignment using the Submit Project entry under the Stanford menu. Remember that you can submit your programs individually as you finish them and
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05-Assignment-1-Karel - CS106A Handout 05 March 30th, 2011...

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