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CS106A Handout 24 Spring 2011 April 28 th , 2011 CS106A Midterm Examination This is an open-note, open-reader exam. You can refer to any course handouts, textbooks, handwritten lecture notes, and printouts of any code relevant to any CS106A assignment. You may not use any laptops, cell phones, or handheld devices of any sort. If you’re taking the exam early and have questions, you can telephone Jerry at 415-205-2242. Good luck! Section Leader: _____________________ Last Name: _____________________ First Name: _____________________ I accept the letter and spirit of the honor code. I’ve neither given nor received aid on this exam. I pledge to write more neatly than I ever have in my entire life. (signed) __________________________________________________________ Score Grader 1. Karel the Artist (10) ______ ______ 2. Expressions and Methods (8) ______ ______ 3. Powerful Numbers (7) ______ ______ 4. Random QR Codes (10) ______ ______ Total (35) ______ ______
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Problem 1: Karel the Artist [10 points] Karel has been studying the art of Renoir, Pollock, and Van Gogh, and has taken particular fascination with their use of impasto, which is the technique where paint is applied so thickly that the brush strokes are visible. Karel is intent on mastering the technique himself, so he’s applied varying amounts of paint (in the form of beepers, of course) somewhere along each street of the canvas, and is charging himself with the task of smearing the paint across the width of the canvas a distance proportional to the original number of beepers. So, given the following world with a blob of paint on each and every street:
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24-CS106A-Midterm-1 - CS106A Handout 24 April 28th 2011...

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