25-Glee-Contest - CS106A Spring 2011 Handout 25 April 29th,...

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CS106A Handout 25 Spring 2011 April 29 th , 2011 Contest Handout written by Chris Piech, Adam Rothman, and Dan Vinegrad. The graphics programs you have written so far the Simple Java and Screensaver assignments have introduced you to the fun world of computer graphics. The programs you have written, exciting as they are, only scratch the surface of what you can do with computer graphics. One of the contemporary uses of computer graphics is in the creation of animations (think Avatar). To give you a chance to explore the possibilities of computer generated animations, and to give you a chance to express your creativity we are pleased to announce the CS106A Glee Contest. Note that this is a purely optional contest, so you should not feel obligated to enter if you don’t have the time. The idea behind the Glee contest is that you will write a program that generates a music video for a song of your choice (it’s called the Glee contest because we happen to really like the music-based show Glee). Each of you is eligible to submit one entry for the contest. You are allowed to use any of the capabilities in the graphics packages or in Java packages that are mentioned in the book (even if they have not been covered in class yet). Due: Friday May 13 th at 5:00 p.m. Selection Criteria The CS106A course staff will judge all entries, and a prize will be awarded in each of two categories: Aesthetic merit : This prize is awarded based on the aesthetic value of the graphical images and/or animations produced. Algorithmic sophistication
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25-Glee-Contest - CS106A Spring 2011 Handout 25 April 29th,...

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