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I choose something that I liked from the interior and exterior of the Washington National Cathedral. The flying buttresses is what really caught my eye from the outside of the cathedral, they seem so powerful to support such a building. And it’s amazing to see not only a couple flying buttresses but they support the entire building. The architecture of the outside of the building really comes from the flying buttresses; it adds more details to what a Cathedral is supposed to look like. The inside of the Cathedral the rose Window caught my eye. I feel like the inside the stain glass is what makes the architecture so beautiful. It seems like so much work has to be put into something like that to make the
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Unformatted text preview: inside of the Cathedral look amazing. I had more of a feeling inside the National Cathedral. Its amazing to walk into a church like building and see all the work that is put into it. You see different designs everywhere you look. Whether its an arch door way or how they support the ceiling with the different vaults; whether its ribbed or barrel vault. Especially the stain glass that the Cathedral uses, not only is the design gorgeous, but the colors are well used to make it stand out. There are few Cathedrals that I have been to where I have enjoyed, but I think its mainly because I know what the terms of a lot of the architecture being used it called....
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