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Fiscus Brittany Fiscus Professor Petersen English 241 2 February 2010 Rowlandson’s Captivity: What is Wilderness? Wilderness is an unsettled, uncultivated region left in its natural condition. Wilderness in Rowlandson’s Captivity became known as several occupations such as civilization, religious beings, confusion, and purgatory. Mary Rowlandson began her adventure on February 10 th , 1675 when a number of Indians bombarded Lancaster, Massachusetts. After being kept captive Mary went though so much between communicating with the Indians, to starving, then being told what to do so she wouldn’t be killed. Mary went through many prayers to get through her journey being captive. Land civilization had made a huge impact on Mary Rowlandson. She moved into many different wigwams trying to survive with her sick daughter while many loved ones and family members died in the attack from the Indians. One place Mary Rowlandson made her journey was to Squakeag. There in “Squakeag the Indians quickly spread themselves over the deserted English fields, picking up wheat, corn, grounded nuts. (245) Mary Rowlandson liked the sound of food as she knew she wouldn’t starve but she found out the hard way that Indians aren’t nice people after all. They gave her two ears of corn; once she turned away they stole them. They asked her if she wanted horse liver, she said yes and put it on the coals to roast and as she said the Indian snatched it away from her 1
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ENG 241 papers - Fiscus 1 Brittany Fiscus Professor...

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