Exercise Chart - 1. Benefits of Exercising: Exercise...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Benefits of Exercising: Exercise improves my mood o If at times things get stressful, I know that exercising will calm me down and relax me. Exercise helps me manage my weight. o Burning calories will help me keep my weight under control, or at least for me lets me stay fit without gaining weight. Exercise boosts my energy level o It delivers oxygen and nutrients to my tissues, making sure I have more energy to do things I enjoy. Exercise promotes better sleep. o The more physical activity that I do, the better it is to fall asleep easier. Exercise Increase my stamina o Increases my stamina and reduced fatigue. 2. Exercise Chart Week : First week start out with a preferred weight (if needed) as each new week begins add 1 more rep and or increase weight. Once 16 reps are accounted for, increase the weight more and drop down to 10-12 reps. Goals: Stay motivated for fitness and strengthen muscles. Warm Up/Flexibility: Should last around 5-10 minutes; resting about 2 minutes after each stretch When: 3-4 times a week before any exercise. Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday Strength Training: Exercise Set/rep Weight Rest Time Squats 2/ 12---------------...
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Exercise Chart - 1. Benefits of Exercising: Exercise...

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