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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon People-Eat-What-They-Do-and-What-They-Should-Eat.html Consumers can influence the agricultural policy by knowing what it is that farmers produce more of, which is in fact healthy. Going to markets getting fresh food rather than a grocery store will help in expand the healthiness knowing that whatever you’re buying is strictly from the farms and you’re not temped to by the “non-healthy items.” What most people don’t know is what they are consuming when they eat food. To promote a healthier life cycle the government has a ‘Food Stamp Program,’ which originated to help people with low income and buy what they needed for them to be able to eat, but as time went on it enabled buyers to choose healthy foods with high nutritional quality. But along comes the choices of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed with the food stamps. If “candy” for instance wasn’t part of the food stamp choices are they going
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Health Forum 2 -...

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