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health video - Staphylococcus MRSA(Provided by Ft Belvoir...

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Staphylococcus & MRSA (Provided by Ft. Belvoir DeWitt Hospital) The movie that I watched was about Staphylococcus also known as Staph and MRSA. In 2005, 19000 people died from MRSA and Staph. Staph was first found in Scotland in 1880. Staph causes more problems the deeper it got in the skin, it could also be found in the bloodstream, lungs and heart. Deciding if you have Staph you would mainly find abscess or puss around the wounded area. Staph spreads from contaminated objects or by direct contact. There are other skin conditions that are found through Staph such as, boils, cellulites, and skin conditions found in babies. Since Staph travels through the bloodstream, pneumonia and food poisoning can be caused from Staph as well. Staph can be life threatening but with certain antibiotics most of the infection will go away. MRSA starts out just like Staph but with red swollen bumps. The first case of MRSA was found in an English hospital in 1961 but the first community outbreak didn’t occur until 1999. The cause of MRSA is found out to be the case of unnecessary use of
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