Lesson 1 (Jan11-17) - Brittany Fiscus 1. According to the...

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Brittany Fiscus 1. According to the survey, what is your life expectancy? Do you think this is accurate? Explain. Is genetics an important determinant of life expectancy? According to the life expectancy test, I scored a 93. I think according to the questions that were asked, the accuracy is right. I would live longer if I have a more balanced exercise routine constantly working out but there are factors in ones life that causes things to get in the way and not look the way you want. But the test seems to be accurate right now in life when im young. Yes, I think genetics are important in determination of a person’s life because if a family has a case of cancer or diabetes, a person won’t live as long as they would like to because of the genetics from their family generation. 2. Complete the Wellness Inventory pp. 23-31 in text. Section 1- Wellness, Self-Responsibility, and Love: 17/10= 1.7 Section 2- Wellness and Breathing: 11/10=1.1 Section 3-Wellness and Sensing: 14/10= 1.4 Section 4- Wellness and Eating: 14/10= 1.4 Section 5-Wellness and Moving: 12/10= 1.2 Section 6- Wellness and Feeling: 18/10= 1.8 Section 7- Wellness and Thinking: 12/10=1.2 Section 8- Wellness and Playing/Working:19/10=1.9 Section 9- Wellness and Communications: 16/10=1.6 Section 10- Wellness and Sex: 13/10=1.3 Section 11-Weness and Fining Meaning: 14/10=1.4 Section 12- Wellness and Transcending: 15/10=1.5 3. After studying your wheel’s shape and balance, what can you conclude about
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Lesson 1 (Jan11-17) - Brittany Fiscus 1. According to the...

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