Lesson 8 (Mar1-7) - 1 Drug and alcohol addiction does not...

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1. Drug and alcohol addiction does not only affect the individual himself but everyone around him. Family comes first; alcohol tends to neglect children, they fail to provide the proper guidance that children need especially during their growing years. Teenagers who grow up in homes where a respected adult or parent uses alcohol or drugs have a higher tendency for developing the addiction later. Alcohol affects the community as well. Drunk driving comes in mind and you’re not only risking yourself but others around you when you are drinking and driving. Alcohol can also effect the economy, as people spend a lot more money on drinks it could be used to spend on education and something more important to ones life. 2. To me the answer would be no, just by marketing a certain type of alcoholic drink wont want to make those that don’t drink start to drink. The main reason or advertising is for the market share. Most people will already know about the drinks they buy the advertising will only make the drink look better which will cause people to change the brand and that brand will make more market share
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Lesson 8 (Mar1-7) - 1 Drug and alcohol addiction does not...

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