Lesson 10 (Mar22-28) - 1 Self Survey 1 false-False 2...

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1. Self Survey: 1. false-False 2. false-False 3. false-False 4. true-True 5. false-False 6. false-False 7. true-True 8. false-False 9. true-False 10. false-False 11. true-True 12. false-False According to the survey I know everything there is to know about sex but the questions were simple. Me personally, I don’t know ever much about it. But the reasoning as to why the answers were true and false, I learned a lot. 2. As we are born we are all born as bisexuals, but as time goes on we begin to see what kind of gender is appropriate for ourselves. There are 3 different types of sexual orientations such as: Heterosexuality o This is the most common in which a female is attracted to a male. The term straight in referred to identify the 2 sexes. Bisexual o It’s the attraction to both males and females. Some people can be bisexual even if they don’t behave bisexual, such as they can have relations with the same sex for a while but then have relations with their partner of the opposite sex. Homosexual o You are socially, emotionally, and sexual attracted to the member of the same sex. You would typically hear the term gay, or lesbians to be described. I believe they are biological if their parents grew up in one of those situations, because of you were adopted into a family of 2 guys you might grow up learning that you don’t have a girl in the house to see what they do so you
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Lesson 10 (Mar22-28) - 1 Self Survey 1 false-False 2...

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