lesson schedule - Your schedule of assignments is listed in...

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Please note that assignments are due by exactly midnight Sunday of the assigned week--no exceptions. So please anticipate computer and system problems by completing your assignments early. Assignments will be graded the date/time they are actually received so failure to attach an assignment to an e-mail may result in a grade penalty for late submission. Check your sent e-mails to make sure attachments are listed as being sent. Also, save your e-mails as proof of when they were sent in case e-mails get lost in the system. LESSON #1 1. Complete the Northwestern Mutual Life Expectancy test by accessing the Web site listed under EXTERNAL LINKS. According to this survey, what is your life expectancy? Do you think this is accurate? Explain. Is genetics an important determinant of life span? 2. Complete the Wellness Inventory pp. 23-31 in text 3. After studying your wheel's shape and balance, what can you conclude about the many health dimensions of your life? 4. What wellness attributes need attention and what specific changes in your lifestyle would enhance your well-being? 5. In what ways does your racial or ethnic background influence your expected life span? 6. How much sleep do you get each night? How much should you sleep to function well? How does sleep impact health? 7. Complete the Self-Survey on pp. 52-54. 8. Write an action plan to change at least one health-related behavior. List at least 5 ways to achieve your target goal. Your answers should reflect that you have a good understanding of the required reading. Be sure to elaborate on your answers. Points will be deducted for brief and incomplete answers. Save your answers as Word documents and send them as e-mail attachments to the instructor. LESSON #2 1. List the benefits of exercise for you personally. 2. Design a three week exercise program for yourself which lists your daily exercises incorporating all three components of fitness (strength, flexibility, and aerobic exercise) as well as specific goals to improve your diet and reduce body fat. List the specific daily exercises, number of repetitions, weights if appropriate, or time you will perform each, and the frequency per week. Remember that your workout should increase in intensity over the three weeks using the principles described in the text. Check EXTERNAL LINKS for relevant Web sites. 3. Calculate your body mass index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio (waist divided by hips), and ideal weight. What are the limitations of these formulas in determining if you have a healthy body? Check EXTERNAL LINKS for calculators. 4. Respond to Health Forum Question #1 under COMMUNICATIONS, post on forum page, and send to instructor. LECTURE OR VIDEO SYNOPSIS - This 10 point assignment is due the 15th week of semester
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lesson schedule - Your schedule of assignments is listed in...

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