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SURVEY REPORT - SURVEY REPORT Your final survey report...

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SURVEY REPORT Your final survey report should include the following elements: A. Introduction to the survey topic - what makes this issue controversial? Assisted suicide is a very high controversial issue. While some view it as a moral issue that goes against medical ethnics and religious beliefs, others view it as an individual rights and worry more about money than moral beliefs. Assisted Suicide encompasses three main issues: Deliberately causing the death of a terminally ill person. Giving them the means to end life. Withholding or withdrawing medical life support B. Research presenting both sides of the issue The question is, “Should a terminally ill patient be able to commit assisted suicide?” That question is what made assisted suicide a very high controversial issue because there is never going to be an agreed answer. Opponents that are or assisted suicide believe that patients can die with dignity rather than leaving the patient ill and suffer. They also think that if the patient is young the doctors are able to save their organs for another person that is in need of something. Another reason why some people may want assisted suicide is so the families are not going through the pain as well, looking at the person that is sick as to if assisted suicide was used the families can see that person go to a better place and they can say their final goodbyes. Opponents that are against assisted suicide have totally different aspects than opponents for assisted suicide. Commenting to the question above, opponent’s thing it demeans the value of life. You are supposed to live life and not think about death, someone killing you will not be you living life to the fullest. There also comes the issue with, what if doctors come up with a cure or therapy that would help the terminally ill person but was too late because they had already done assisted suicide to the person. Patients, doctors and families have to look far enough to see both sides of the issue and if assisted suicide is really the best thing to do and if there will be in fact a cure or medication that could be given. Assisted suicide is in fact a choice that you need to sit down and write down, “is it really the best choice,” and then write pros and cons to see what really is best or the patient you are deciding upon. C. Your survey with introductory paragraph and at least 10 statements Assisted suicide is the process by which an individual, who may otherwise be incapable, is provided with drugs or equipment to commit suicide. Terminally ill patients and those with chronic pain go through that process. Proponents of assisted suicide believe that assisted suicide takes place when a dying person who wishes to precipitate death requests help in carrying out the act. Terminally ill patients seek the right to end their lives with dignity, without pain, and before all of their resources are
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drained from care that will not improve their quality of life. More money and
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