5 - witness chooses a suspect out of the line-up the jury...

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Fiscus Brittany Fiscus Professor Chen Political Science 135 June 23, 2010 Use of Eyewitnesses in New Jersey Courts Needs Change, Ex-Judge Says When it comes to courts of any matter there is going to be a jury and witnesses, especially in a Supreme Court. This article has to with the changes needed to be made in the court system as to what happens when the Supreme Court gets to review to hear the case. The New Jersey Case in the Supreme Court has issues about what needs to happen when reviewing for the case. In their case more needs to happen as to having a witness choose from a line-up or photo. In many cases the wrong person is chosen and then the real, for instance murderer well be let loose. In my opinion I agree with New Jersey and how they need to further the investigation and not leave the suspect picking entirely up to the witnesses. In many cases, I think the jury should have more to look at, how the case was created, what happened, and certain areas of informative about the suspects; so when the
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Unformatted text preview: witness chooses a suspect out of the line-up the jury can use their sense of knowledge they know and it would help them no if the suspect is reliable. As said in the article, “ Even when there are lineup problems, judges usually agree with the prosecution that the witness is reliable enough to testify.” Meaning since they are the witness they should be able to choose the correct person. I just think that the court system 1 Fiscus anywhere should not rely on the witness as much but give the jury more information about the case or allow the witness to have the option to pick out of a line-up but the court have more options after the witness has chosen the suspect. It would give more reliability to choosing the right suspect and not just “assuming” it’s the right person just because you are a suspect. 2...
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5 - witness chooses a suspect out of the line-up the jury...

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