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education portfolio - portfolio It would allow me to see if...

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I want to teach Kindergarten, because they are just learning how to do things they are going to be looked upon as what they do and how they do it. They don’t know how to write so the paper pencil open and closed tasks would be unnecessary assessments. The following three assessments are great for Kindergarten because I as a teacher would examine how they develop into better students. Informal Assessment – For this assessment, I would examine my students and see what techniques my students use to come up with an answer. I would ask myself different questions as to what the students do to start and end the task. An example of an informal assessment is: How is Brian approach the task? Can Susie provide evidence for an answer? How does Katelyn interact with others or engage in cooperative group work? Performance-Based Assessment – For this assessment, I would work over time and gather work based on the students progress and file it away in a
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Unformatted text preview: portfolio. It would allow me to see if the children are progressing and it shows me their skills. An example of performance-based assessment is: Finding skill based work from the students that shows different aspects to learning. Filing work that involved reading directions carefully and doing work. • Self-Assessment or Reflection – For this assessment, I would work with my students on their improving on how they learn. It helps the students develop the ability to assess their own work. Examples of self assessments would be: Student journals: Write about what they have learned throughout the week, any new information they have encountered, or things they enjoyed doing. Reflection logs: Their favorite thing they did during the current day. Its something they would do at the end of the day....
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