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Kindergarten Classroom In a kindergarten classroom, you need lots of color and lots of ABC’s and 123’s. During my observations, I have experienced different classrooms and what I love most about the classes was the fact that each kindergarten class had there own bathroom and sink. I found that having a bathroom in the classroom itself, gave the children easy access and you didn’t have to watch them go, they were able to change the sign to stop and do their business and then change the sign to go. I think that makes things so much easier. Another thing that I found easy and well organized is a thing called the black line. This black line would be located on the carpet and the line is shaped like an oval. This line would make things organized because when I would say get on the black line it would be neat everyone would have a space to sit or stand and things would run smoothly rather than everyone being everywhere on the floor. The children and I would be able to see everyone and morning circle and stations
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