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Education Philosoph1 - styles so everyone can learn a...

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Education Philosophy I believe the purpose of education is to encourage life long learning skills, and to be successful in life. Children and teachers should set and achieve goals and inspire the qualities of good citizenship with everyone. Teachers and students should have a bond within the classroom. There should be collaboration between the teacher and the student. The parents on the other hand are an important factor in a student’s life; the parents should have a grounded mutual admiration within the teachers respect. I believe all students can learn no matter where they are from. I think they all deserve the chance to learn; which teachers design lessons that cover the diverse learning
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Unformatted text preview: styles, so everyone can learn a different way. Teachers have a responsibility to provide necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in an academic arena. Teachers have to have the ability to know who is struggling and be able to help that certain student be able to catch back up with the rest of the class. Teachers also strive to encourage and promote fairness to everyone no matter the diversity or illness. The classroom learning environment gives intellectual instructions, and students respect and appreciate the diversity of uniqueness of others....
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