Instructional Strategies - improve Students and teachers...

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Instructional Strategies The first thing to have in a classroom is an instructional goal which is; what students will learn what they will know and be able to do. During the process of teaching I’m going to have to teach the children cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is when students work in small groups sharing responsibility for their learning. It’s found that children work better and learn more than working by themselves. There are five stages: o Positive independence Students care about the learning process, and care about others learning. o Verbal, face-to-face Students explain, elaborate, and connect what they are learning now to what they learned previously. o Individual accountability Students are responsible for their own learning. o Social skills Students must learn communication, and trust-building skills o Group processing Students evaluate on how well they work together and how they can
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Unformatted text preview: improve. Students and teachers have learning objectives. Learning objectives specify what students should master in each subject at each grade level. For students to get the best knowledge and meet the instructional goals a teacher must teach six types of learning: o Knowledge- understanding of the subject o Comprehension- ability to understand the purpose of what’s being learned o Application- complex reasoning, (what can students learn from doing this) o Analysis- ability to learn and comprehend o Synthesis- look back at previous knowledge and use creative thinking to imagine the outcome o Evaluation- students will use all objectives to answer this final question Other important strategies that will help children learn are: Explicit instruction Mastery teaching Scaffolding Differentiated instruction KWL...
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Instructional Strategies - improve Students and teachers...

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