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Observation During observation I helped teach a kindergarten class who had inclusion kids in the class. It has really taught me so much working with children who are “regular kids,” verse those who are autistic and has other disabled learning disabilities. To me teaching is a privilege and an honor. A former teacher was telling me that he applauses kindergarten teacher because we are the people that starts the children out to learning. Working every week Thursday and Friday’s I have felt to honored because to me in class they call me, Ms. Brittany. They children in the class treat me like a teacher and I fit in very well with getting on their level and talking to them. The observation has really taught me a lot in
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Unformatted text preview: what teachers do and has given me so much respect for teachers. When you are in school you dont really think about what teachers go through, we just do the work given and continue on with the day. Since my observation I have seen what teachers do to plan for the day, I have seen what it takes to take children with IEPs and make sure they have the given help. I hope to continue this observation until the rest of the year so I know what its like to be a teacher the entire year. I would recommend doing observation to anyone that wants to teach because this opportunity will let you try the field and see if its really what you want to do in life....
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