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Technology in the Classroom Technology is an essential part of a child’s life, let alone an adult’s life. There is technology everywhere you go whether it’s computers, TVs, or calculators. Being in a classroom there are many ways a child can experience technology. On many occasions computers are in every classroom, from kindergarten to high school. In kindergarten you have websites that teach them to read, you must follow directions to get that particular page right; which teaches you to listen and follow directions. In high school you have computers to help you type a paper and form resumes and make power points. Computers teach you about keyboarding skills; which makes you learn your letters and where they are located as well as the “home keys.” In the classroom I want my kids to learn that technology is going to improve over the years and that we have to learn to use the technology given. Whiteboards are beginning to overpower the chalkboard which helps the children write and navigate
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