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CO 350 Linear Optimization TA’s comments for Assignment 5 Q1 [10 marks]: Many students made claims without justification. For instance, if you want to say that a positive multiple of the row of the leaving variable is added to the z -row, then you must justify why exactly this multiple is positive. See the solution. Q2 [10 marks]: No comments. Q3 [10 marks]: No comments. Q4 [10 marks]: One source of problems in this question is the fact that students get confused with the word “degenerate” being used for multiple things, for instance, “degenerate basic solution” and “degenerate iteration.” Recall that a basic solution is degenerate if some basic variable is set to zero, whereas an iteration of the simplex method is degenerate if
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Unformatted text preview: t = 0. You were also supposed to show why the first two definitions were true, but many of you forgot to do that. Please look at the solution. Q5 [(a) 5 marks; (b) 5 marks]: Many students still have problems running the simplex method. Some got confused about the term ‘iteration’, while others seem to think that variables with negative reduced cost may enter the basis. At this stage of the course, not understanding the simplex method is a serious problem. You should master this method! Q6 [10 marks]: Some students are having problems on choosing the leaving variable, which is the heart of the perturbation method. Review your course notes thoroughly. 1...
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