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tanotes7 - CO 350 Linear Optimization TA’s comments for...

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Unformatted text preview: CO 350 Linear Optimization TA’s comments for Assignment 7 General: Q1 [(a) 5 marks; (b) 5 marks]: This question was generally well done. However, some students solved the system A T B y = ¯ c B to find the dual basic solution; the correct system to solve is A T B y = c B . Q2 [10 marks]: • Most of the students did not prove that x is basic, only that x is feasible. Note that proving that x is basic is the main point of the exercise, as you have seen in class that it is easy to prove that x is feasible. • Some students tried to pivot to remove u from the basis, but did not argue that x does not change. Q3 [(a) 4 mark; (b) 3 marks; (c) 3 marks]: No comments. Q4 [10 marks]: This question was poorly done. • Many students did serious logical errors. For instance, some think that the logical negation of “for every λ , A ( λ ) holds,” is “for every λ , A ( λ ) does not hold”, where A ( λ ) is a statement about λ ....
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