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Unformatted text preview: CO 350 Linear Optimization TA’s comments for Assignment 9 Q1 [10 marks]: Some students used the same slack variables for all the new constraints. This is wrong. Each new constraint gets its own slack variable. Q2 [10 marks]: Generally okay. Q3 [10 marks]: Generally okay. Q4 [(a) 5 marks; (b) 5 marks]: (a) In part (a), some students gave a hand-wavy argument that was not quite satisfactory. For instance, some students just said that the maximum size of a stable set in an odd cycle is ( n- 1) / 2 without actually proving it. For a short and precise proof, see the solution. (b) In part (b), many students failed to understand what they were supposed to do. To show that an inequality fails for some feasible solution x , you have to construct a feasible solution x for which the inequality is not true. I.e., just show us one point x which violates the inequality. Many students failed to do that. Some just claimed, without any proof, that there exists a feasible solution x with ∑ i x i = n/...
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