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Unformatted text preview: CO 350 Assignment 7 – Winter 2010 Due: Friday March 19 at 10:25 a.m. Solutions are due in drop box #9 (Section 1 and drop box #10 (Section 2) , outside MC 4066 by the due time. Use the appropriate slot for your section and surname. Please acknowledge all outside sources, as well as all collaboration, discussion, help, etc., in your submission. 0. Begin your assignment with the following: Last Name: (Print your last name.) First Name: (Print your “official” first name. No nicknames.) ID: (Print your UW student ID) Section: (Print your section number) Acknowledgments: 1. (a) Study the example of cycling on Page 109 of the Course Notes. Notice that it uses the largest coefficient rule to choose the entering variable. (b) Apply the following perturbation to the first tableau: Change the right-hand side of the x 5-row to 0.01 and change the right-hand side of the x 6-row to 0.0001. Now apply the simplex method to the resulting problem, still using the largest coefficient rule to choose...
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