mt.s09 - CO 350 NAME: Section #: 1 I.D. #: CO 350 Linear...

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CO 350 NAME: 1 Section #: I.D. #: CO 350 Linear Optimization Midterm Examination - Spring 2009 June 15, 2009, 7–9 p.m. Instructors: L. Tun¸cel (Section 1), E. Teske (Section 2) Instructions: 1. There are 10 pages including this cover page. Make sure that you have a complete copy. Answer all questions on these pages. Use backs of pages if necessary. 2. Calculators are not permitted. 3. Some questions require you to prove or disprove certain statements. In doing so, you may refer to any result from the lecture notes except the particular one you are trying to prove or disprove. You must write down the statement of the result you are using clearly and completely. 4. Policy for marking complaints : If you have any complaints about the marking of assignments or the midterm exam, then you should first check your solutions against the posted solutions. After that, if you see any marking error, then you should return the assignment (or exam) to your instructor within one week and with written notes on all the marking errors; please write the notes on a new sheet and attach it to the assignment/exam paper.
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CO 350 NAME: 2 1. [10 points] (a) Convert the following problem to standard inequality form, while doing so, if there are
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mt.s09 - CO 350 NAME: Section #: 1 I.D. #: CO 350 Linear...

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