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Final Paper Final Paper Ash Magden BUS201: Principles of Management Ricky Benito December, 12, 2010
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For a manager to be successful she would have to be responsible and also be presentable to customers she would also have to have self discipline. A manager would also have to be positive enthusiastic and have to be a good listener and have great communication skills to work with employees. She must have great leadership abilities. She must want to help and improve the company. She would have to set high goals and be able to achieve these goals. Efficiency is a major must have for managers because she must do everything efficient like managing supplies and keeping track of resources. The four most important decisions are made by a manger and he/ she must consist of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These four principles are extremely important to having a successful business. The first important function is the planning stage. The planning stage is about laying out your decisions and brain storming about your goals and how you intend on achieving these goals. This includes what type of business you are going to pursue then how you are going to fund it also who is in lead and so forth. The second function would be the organizing stage. The organizing stage is also important because in every business you must be organized to achieve your goals. This is when the business owner is the manager or he has hired someone to be the manager. The manager then must get organized with who is in charge of what areas they are needed in. The third function is leading. The leading stage is what it sounds like. It’s about leading the team
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Final Paper - Final Paper Final Paper Ash Magden BUS201:...

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