Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media

Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media - I would...

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-1Latin Bachata is not only music for dancing because this type of music helps you relax and helps you concentrate while working or doing school work. Have you ever listened to music while working? Studies show that music is indeed capable of changing the way our brain waves work. In some cases this will help our brain focus on particular things we are attempting to do. Our brains do not focus on music itself but the melodies and rhythm of the music, so it is something calm, and then our brain waves are calm, too. While I’m at work, music helps me calm down and helps by getting me into my working mode. I don’t know about you, but I cannot work while there is a quiet atmosphere around me. Some people get distracted while listening to music but I guess it just depends on why type of music they listen to.
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Unformatted text preview: I would recommend Latin Bachata, because it is just so peaceful to listen to and all it consists of is soft melodies one after another. This music can help you reduce stress because it clears your mind of frustrations and distractions. This can be considered like meditation because this music would help induce sleep once you start listening to it. I would recommend it 100 % and if it is something you would normally not hear, give it a try. It is proven that calm music can also have a lasting effect on short term and long term memory. You will find it easier to retain information while listening to this type of music....
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