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Course Assignments 1. Readings Read Ch. 5–7 of Media and Culture. 2. Nongraded Activities and Preparation Watch the video on Movies and TV. Note . Discussion Questions will be asked regarding this video. Feedback Question (optional): Is writing in college what you expected it to be? What challenges have you found to being an effective college writer? 3. Assignment : Become a Critic Watch a movie or television show with a critical eye. Write a 350- to 750-word review of the movie or television show. The review must include a thesis statement, introductory paragraph, and at least two supporting paragraphs.
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss what the movie tells us about the society we live in. You may address whether you think it is good or bad, but you must address the big-picture issues, not just the quality of the work. Post your paper as an attachment in the Assessment section. 4. Discussion Questions These questions will be posted throughout the week for you. You may choose the three for your original response and for those that are discussion posts. Please put DQ response in the subject line for these three. I will often post additional thoughts and non-graded options if you want more practice....
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