week 7 assignment - -1Survivors of Pakistan floods face...

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-1 Survivors of Pakistan floods face growing health problems on CNN.com I picked the article on Survivors of Pakistan flood face growing health problems because it’s the reality of things that are going on all over the world. I thought that this article provided good information and was very detailed as to the aspect on this article. This story states that now one-fifth of the country has now taken form on the illness that is going around. Symptoms from acute diarrhea have reached at least 204,000 people and skin diseased such as scabies have reached about 263,000 people, respiratory infection and malaria are other symptoms that have reached their limits. People are fleeing their homes because the water has threaten them and would mean more harm to them if they were to stay. People have lost their homes and shelters as a result of the high water level. Health officials fear that the number of human getting worse in their conditions are to come as a result of people drinking unsanitary water. More than 200 health facilities have been destroyed and over 4 million people are left homeless. Links that are included are as follow: A nations economy under is under water, Pregnant women who struggle in flood and stubborn flood victims wont leave their homes. The links that are associated with this article are the same because they are providing video coverage on what is actually
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week 7 assignment - -1Survivors of Pakistan floods face...

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