Assignment2 - Sociology 549 Winter 2006 Instructor Paul von...

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Sociology 549, Winter 2006 Instructor : Paul von Hippel Your name____________________________ Assignment #2 (37 points+1 extra) due Th 10/12 at the beginning of lab General guidelines 1. Get used to working from the formula sheet in your binder. You’ll use it for the exams. 2. Show all your work. 3. You can use Excel and SPSS to check your results. But do the problems the long way—it will help your understanding, and prepare you better for exams. Problems 1. (17 points + 1 extra) Through the Medicaid system, nursing homes can bill the state for goods and services provided to indigent patients. It has been estimated that 10% of these billings are fraudulent. One type of fraud occurs when a nursing home bills the state for medications that were never purchased. Below is a data set describing 10 nursing homes that billed the state of Utah for bottles of Metamucil in 1995. Nursing home Patients Bottles Dollars HHC8006 67 14 72 REH0006 72 21 108 CMR2501 80 37 190 VJS9002 83 2,712 24,408 TWR2105 85 1 5 VWR0003 88 2 10 CRS2003 100 27 139 CMR2001 104 1 5 RHB2105 135 69 355 HMR4003 139 12 62 Source : Catherine Ann Dudley & Terry Allen, “Chaos to Order: Using Statistical Graphics to Detect Medicaid Fraud.” The White Paper , a bimonthly publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. a) (1 point + 1 extra if you use all pertinent information) Which nursing home would you suspect of fraud? Why?
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b) (6 points) For the Bottles variable, calculate the mean, the 20% trimmed mean, and the median.
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Assignment2 - Sociology 549 Winter 2006 Instructor Paul von...

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