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Sociology 549, Winter 2006 Paul von Hippel Your name___________________________ Assignment #5 (39 points possible) Due T 11/20 at the beginning of lab 1) (14 points) On average, children in private schools have higher test scores than children in public schools. The meaning of this difference is hotly debated. Some people say it means private schools are better. Others say it merely reflects the fact that private schools serve privileged children. School voucher programs shed some light on this debate. In 1990, Milwaukee started a program in which low-income children could enter a random lottery where some of them would receive vouchers (government money) to attend private elementary schools. a) (2 points) If you wanted to see whether private schools are better, who would you compare the voucher recipients to—other private school students, public school students, or students who entered the lottery but didn’t get a voucher? Explain which would be the best control group, and why. b) (3 points) Suppose you wanted to test the prediction that, compared to the control group, the voucher recipients would have higher test scores a year later. Describe the hypotheses using formal symbols, being careful to explain what each symbol means. Also describe the hypotheses in ordinary language. Is the research hypothesis one- or two-tailed?
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