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Paul von Hippel Your name__________________________ Sociology 549, Winter 2006 Pre-final extra problem due T 11/21 at the beginning of lab Note . This problem will not be collected or graded, but you should treat it just like any graded assignment. It will be discussed in lab, and similar problems may appear on the final. 1) (15 points) Between April 2001 and February 2003, Franklin County police departments ran a program called Stop Teenage Opportunities to Purchase (STOP). In the STOP program, the police employed 18- and 19-year-olds to try buying alcohol from county businesses. It is illegal, of course, to sell alcohol to teenagers. The teenage STOP agents went to campus area businesses 655 times, and 178 of those visits led to illegal sales. They went to airport-area businesses 435 times, and 134 of those visits resulted in illegal sales. They went to northeast
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