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Syllabus1ASummer2010 - revised cdb WELCOME to PHYSICS 1A...

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7/30/10; revised 8/2/10 - cdb WELCOME to PHYSICS 1A --- SUMMER 2010 SYLLABUS We will cover the first 12 chapters of Young and Freedman “University Physics”, either 12 th Edition or “Custom Edition for UCLA” (available in UCLA Bookstore). Goals: Understand some of the history and philosophy of physics and science Understand Newtonian Mechanics and where it fits into physics Develop physics intuition and “visualization” Learn to “think like a physicist” Learn to calculate --- to problem solve See “physics around us” Class meets MTWRF 1:00-2:15 PAB 2-434. Discussion Section TR 2:30-3:20. P&A 2-434 Instructor: Charles Buchanan Knudsen 4-145(North) 310-825-7466 [email protected] Office Hours: Mon 2:30-3:30 PAB 2-434. Wed (for students beginning physics) 2:30-3:30 PAB2-434. Fri 11:30-12:30 Knud 4-134 Teaching Assistant: Emin Menachekanian eminm @ physics.ucla.edu Office Hours: Tue and Thur 3:30-5:00 PAB 1-704A Grading: Three short “Physics Phenomena Around Us” Analyses 1% each Homework “Etudes” 2% Regular Homework 10% Additional Problems 0% Mid-Term I Mon 8/16 In class 1:00-2:15 20% Mid-Term II Fri 8/27 or Mon 8/30 In class 1:00-2:15 20% Final Friday Sept 10 8-11am in ?? 45% No make-up exams. <Ave GPA> ~ 2.6-2.9 (~ C+ / B-) Approximate Schedule: Class Introduction 8/2 Ch 1: Book’s introduction to Physics 8/3-4 Ch 2: Kinematics in one dimension 8/4/5 Ch 3: Kinematics in two dimensions
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