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FINC2011 Sem 2 2010 - Unit of Study Outline FINC 2011 Cor...

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F FINC 2011, C Unit of S Lecturer Phone: 0 Office: Fa Consultat Classes Tuesday Students will be po 1. Uni 1.1. Fac This unit (1) valua equity se structure current p 1.2. Aim Corporat number o fields of planning. investme places em 2. Lea 2.1. Inte At the co a) Dis b) App c) Und d) Cal e) Und f) De g) Und Corporate F Study Out r: Associat 2 9114 094 aculty of Ec tion Times f s: 4-6pmMer s must atten osted on bl it of study culty Hand provides a ation of ris ecurities, a e and risk m practices in ms and con te Finance 1 of other ma investment . The subje ent and fin mphasis on arning out ended lea ompletion o scuss broad ply financia derstand th lculate a co derstand th monstrate derstand th Finance 1, S line te Profess 40, Email: su conomics a for all teach rewether L nd their sch ackboard in y informat dbook des n introduct ky assets i and (3) cor managemen each of th ntext 1 is the intr ajors in the t banking, ct covers a ancing dec the applica tcomes, le arning out of this unit s d concepts al mathema he relation ompany’s c he structur the impact he importa Semester 1 2 sor Suk-Jo ukjoong.kim nd Busines ing staff wil Lecture The heduled 2 h n week 2) tion cription tion to basic ncluding st rporate fina nt policies. A ese areas. roductory u Faculty. A funds man n introduct cisions, and ation of ide earning an tcomes students sh in finance atics to the between r cost of capi re and effic t of dividen nce of risk 2011 oong Kim [email protected] ss Building ll be posted eatre 1m hour lecture c concepts tocks, bond ancial polic An emphas unit for a m finance ma agement, s tion to valua d the evalu eas and cur nd teachin hould be ab theory e valuation risk and ret tal ciency of eq nd and cap k managem .edu.au H69, Level on blackbo e and 1 hou in corporat ds and ent cy decision is is placed major in Fina ajor may lea securities b ation of fina ation and rrent practi g activitie ble to of stocks, turn quity marke pital structu ment Cor S 4, Room 4 oard in week ur tutorial ( te finance a ire corpora ns including on the app ance and a ad to career broking, tre ancial instru manageme ces in the f es & asses bonds and ets ure policy FIN rporate Fi Semester 439 k 1. a full list of and their ap ations, (2) g dividend plication of pre-requis r opportuni easury or fi uments, co ent of risk. finance ssment d capital bu Page 1 of NC 2011 inance 1 2, 2010 f tutorials pplication to pricing of , capital ideas and site for a ties in the nancial rporate The unit dgets 7 o
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FINC 2011, Corporate Finance 1, Semester 1 2011 Page 2 of 7 All learning outcomes will be assessed in the tutorial participation mark and the final exam. The early semester quiz will assess learning outcomes a) and b). The major assignment will assess learning outcomes a), b), c) and d). 2.2. Learning and teaching activities Face-to-face teaching in FINC2011 is comprised of one two-hour lecture and one one-hour tutorial per week for one semester. Both of these components are compulsory and students must attend their scheduled classes.
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