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FINC 2011 Corporate Finance 1 Semester 2, 2010 Major Assignment This assignment detailed in pages 2-3 requires you to demonstrate your understanding of investment evaluation including capital budgeting techniques and required rate of return estimation. It will be marked out of 20 and constitute 20% of your overall grade. The Assignment is due on Tuesday 21 Sep at 4pm (week 9) and must be submitted electronically via the blackboard assignment drop box. It is imperative that all assignments incorporate the assignment cover page and are submitted as ONE document. Documents MUST be submitted as a pdf file to ensure formatting is not distorted. If assignments are not submitted in this way a late penalty will be applied until the document is corrected. Questions about the assignment may be posted on the Blackboard “Major Assignment” Discussion Board and will be answered from time to time by the academic staff The major assignment is an individual assessment task. While discussion and collaboration are expected, plagiarism is a breech of the University of Sydney Code of Conduct and will be dealt with by the Faculty. The assignment must be completed in a maximum of 8 single sided (or 4 double sided) pages including all tables, justifications, calculations and references. You MUST use 11 point Arial only. Line spacing must be 1.5 and margins must be at least 1 cm. You will need to pay particular attention to referencing. References to publications in the text should appear as follows: "Smith (2009) finds that. .." or "evidence supports this (Smith (2009))." At the end of the report, a complete list of references should be included using the Harvard referencing style. Data sources and web pages also need to be referenced fully. Pay attention to grammar. Clear and logical presentation is a major challenge in report preparation.
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Major_Assignment_2010S2 - FINC 2011 Corporate Finance 1...

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