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Exam 1 study guide SPG11 - Moraine Valley Community College...

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Moraine Valley Community College Humanities 101 • V. Neubeck O’Connor Exam 1 Study Guide • The exam is worth 100 points and will include multiple choice, matching, true/false, and short answer questions. The test is based on class lectures and discussions. Study your notes and the presentations posted on Blackboard. There will be questions about these people, places, events and terms on the exam, so go over each— What are the people and places known for? What happened during the events? What do the terms mean? What are the plots, themes, main characters in the plays and poems? Greek History including —Mycenaean civilization including language, location, architecture —Heinrich Schliemann, Michael Ventris —Bronze vs. Iron ages —polis—meaning, development —Spartan society —oligarchy —Cleisthenes —Greece’s war with the Persian Empire—causes/outcome —Darius I and Xerxes —Hippocrates —Leonidas —Herodotus —Cleisthenes —Thucydides —democracy
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