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Moraine Valley Community College Humanities 101 • V. Neubeck O’Connor Exam 2 Study Guide Roman History including —Romulus and Remus —Roman government: monarchy, republic, empire —Roman military success —Punic Wars; Hannibal and Scipio —1st and 2nd Triumvirates —Julius Caesar —Octavian/Augustus —Diocletian —What is Diocletian’s Tetrarchy? —Constantine —Edict of Milan —Odoacer Judaism,Christianity, and Islam including —Abraham —Who wrote the Gospels? —What happened during Jesus’ trip to Jerusalem during Passover? —Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas —the spread of Christianity —Muhammad and Islam —Mecca —Yathrib/Medina —the Kaaba and the Black Stone Roman Architecture and Engineering including —Roman concrete —arches and vaults —Pantheon —Forum —Colosseum —Gladiator games: purpose, participants, audience, etc. —aqueducts • Medieval History including —Byzantine Empire—language spoken, location, etc.
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