Syllabus ME300 Section D Fall 2010

Syllabus ME300 Section D Fall 2010 - Department of...

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Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering ME 300 Thermodynamics Section D Fall 2010 MWF 8-8:50am, Room 1320 Digital Computer Laboratory, 3 credit hours Instructor: Steffen Peuker Office: MEL3410 Phone: 244-7244 Office hours: Monday 5-6pm at MEL3410 E-mail: Wednesday 4-6pm at MEB335 Additional office hours are available by appointment. Course Website: Requirements: Moran and Shapiro, Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics , 6th edition, John Wiley and Sons, 2008, ISBN 0-471-78735-3 I-Clicker , ISBN 0-7167-7939-0 Prerequisite: The formal prerequisite for this course is Calculus III (MATH241) Objectives: Have you ever wondered What the maximum efficiency of a car engine is? How coal is converted into electricity? Why your coffee or tea always cools down? How exactly does an air conditioner or refrigerator work? Why your pump heats up when you inflate your bicycle tires? In this course you will not only learn the answer to the above questions, but you will also learn the theory and problem solving techniques to be able to determine the answers yourself. Thermodynamics is concerned with the transformation and utilization of energy. Converting heat to electrical or mechanical power is of particular interest to mechanical engineers. Espe- cially for the engineer of the 21st century, the challenges of using alternative and renewable energy sources, and making current energy conversion processes more efficient requires the knowledge of fundamental concepts and analysis methods of classical thermodynamics. Through assignments, in and outside of class, you will learn to:
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Syllabus ME300 Section D Fall 2010 - Department of...

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