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skeletal system - Skeletal System Review Ch 7 NAME F ILL I...

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FILL IN THE BLANKS 1. Our bodies consist of two types of bone tissue they are _____________________________________ bone and ___________________________________________________ bone. 2. The place where bones grow is called the _________________________________________________________. 3. This Division of the Skeleton that consists of the bones of the arms and legs, shoulder, and the pelvis ______________________________________________________________________ skeleton. 4. Cartilage is replaced during __________________________________________, or the process of bone formation. 5. What are the Four Classifications of Bones? _______________________, _________________________, _________________________, ______________________. 6. What mineral gives bone their strength? ____________________________________________________. 7. _____________________________ are attached to the membranes that surround bones and hold the bones together. 8. Two frameworks of bone, called ________________________________________, connect the arms and legs to the central skeleton. 9. Each bone is surrounded by a tough membrane called the ____________________________________________. 10. The __________________________________________ inside long bones is important in blood cell production and fat storage. 11. The junction of two bones is called a (an) _______________________________________. 12. The bones that make up the skeleton system serve Five important functions, List Them. Skeletal System Review Ch. 7 NAME________________________
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13. Loss of bone density that occurs in latter years in life is known as ________________________________________. 14. ______________________________________________________ is a painful degeneration of movable joints caused by attacks on the joint cells of the immune system. 15. ____________________________________ bone is dense-almost solid-and provides a great deal of support. 16. Running through compact bone is a network of tubes called ________________________________________________ _____________________ that contain blood vessels and nerves. 17. Bone is first formed as ______________________________________________, which many bones in a newborn baby are composed almost entirely of. 18. Bone cells are called _____________________________________________________. 19. What are the two types of animal skeletons?
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