Physiology Review Sheet III

Physiology Review Sheet III - Lecture Exam III Review Sheet...

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Lecture Exam III Review Sheet The Cardiovascular System: The Blood- Chapter 17 1. What are the functions of blood? What are some physical characteristics of blood? What is blood composed of? What is hematocrit? 2. What percentage of blood cells do erythrocytes make up? Leukocytes? What makes up the majority of blood plasma? 3. List examples of granular leukocytes and agranular leukocytes? What do each of these cells do? Where do platelets come from? What is their function? What is the larges leukocyte in the blood? 4. Where are blood cells produced? What is this process called? What are the main 2 types of stem cell lines? Name some hemopoietic growth factors. 5. Name the protein the binds oxygen in erythrocytes. What is it composed of? How many oxygen molecules can it bind to? Do erythrocytes have a nucleus? 6. List the steps involved in the clotting cascade. What is a thrombis? Emobuls? 7. Describe how ABO blood groups work? Can Type A blood be given to a Type O patient? Which type is considered a universal donor? Universal recipient? The Cardiovascular System: The Heart- Chapter18 1. Where is the heart located? Describe the 2 layers of the pericardium. What are the three main layers of the heart? Describe them. 2.
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Physiology Review Sheet III - Lecture Exam III Review Sheet...

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