BEE3310_Course _Syllabus_Fall2010

BEE3310_Course _Syllabus_Fall2010 - Fluid Properties and...

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Fluid Properties and Measurements Static Fluids Fluid Dynamics Laminar & Turbulent Flow Surface Resistance Boundary Layer Newtonian & Non- Newtonian Flow Continuity Bernoulli Navier-Stokes Dimensional Analysis Similarity Solutions Momentum Applications Kidney Pulmonary System Cardiovascular System Blood Flow Potential Flow Principles
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Lecture Date Lecture # Topics 8/25 8/27 1 2 Course Introduction – What is Bio-fluid mechanics? Why do we study it? Challenges, System of Units Fluid deformation, viscosity, shear stress, properties 8/30 9/1 9/2 9/3 3 4 Sec. 5 Forces in static fluids , Pressure, variation in pressure Pressure and head, hydrostatic forces on plane surfaces Example problems Lateral position of center of pressure 9/8 9/9 9/10 6 Sec 7 Center of pressure, Example Example problems Pressure diagram, hydrostatic forces on curved surfaces, principles of buoyancy 9/13 9/15 9/16 9/17 8 9 Sec. 10
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BEE3310_Course _Syllabus_Fall2010 - Fluid Properties and...

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