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American Civic Values The beliefs and values that all members of our society share are our American Civic Values. Freedom and justice for all people is the most basic aspect. Our democratic society uses a number of programs, laws and regulation to strengthen our civic values. Individuals use volunteerism and sound ethical practices to strengthen them. When we teach our children to respect on another we are teaching them good civic values. With those values we are also teaching our children to share, and to take responsibility for each other in a positive way. All of these aspects build a strong civil and political culture that better serves America. When community members help one another and stand up for what is right, refusing to tolerate
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Unformatted text preview: bigotry, drug trafficking and other harmful practices, we produce respect for one another and have healthier communities. Laws and regulations serve as penalties to keep us in line with our civic values. If we were to stray from our civic values we would have to face certain consequences. Anti-discrimination laws uphold the basic right of freedom for all. These laws enforce the rights of individuals to pursue their livelihoods and to live where they please, regardless of their race, ethnic or cultural background, gender or their sexual or religious preferences. It is an individual responsibility to uphold your civic values in your life and pass it down to your children. Loretta Campbell 04/13/2011...
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