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Bill of Rights The amendment that is the most important to me is amendment XIII Slavery. The reason this amendment is most important to me out of all the others is because I am an African American, and would be affected by slavery if it was not ratified. I cannot imagine how life would be if me and my entire family were slaves. I have seen movies, and show’s based on slavery and what African Americans endured was more than cruel, they were treated like animals. The XIII amendment is the most important to me because my life would be completely different it this amendment wasn’t ratified. In my opinion all of the amendments are important because they all serve a specific purpose. However, there is one that I do not care much for because I personally do not have a use for it which is amendment II the right to bear arms. I know that a lot of people feel the need to bear arms for protection
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Unformatted text preview: and self-defense in case of an emergency. I also know that other people use the right to bear arms to scare or harm others, which is why I personally do not care for this amendment. I know that a lot of people die from guns on a daily basis mostly by accident because parents leave guns available for children to get a hold of. If in any case I were arrested and tried for a crime the amendment that would be most important to me would be amendment V grand juries, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, due process, and eminent domain. I believe this amendment would be the most important to me because if I was tried for a crime and was innocent I would want to face a jury and judge to plead my case for a fair trial. If this amendment was not ratified and an innocent person was arrested for a crime there would be no way for that person to prove their innocence. Loretta Campbell 04/26/2011...
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