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Capstone The information that I’ve learned about race and ethnicity that has helped me better understand minority groups is all the differences about each group. I used to believe that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans had more similarities than differences. They come from different countries which I’ve always known but they also have different religions, and their language is a little different. I also used to believe that Asian and Japanese cultures were the same as well until I learned about their differences. Now I don’t have to assume certain things about minority groups I will be able to tell the difference. I’m African American mixed with Dominican and I can say I’ve learned more about my Dominican side. I know so much about African Americans due to the slavery and segregation that my ancestors experienced. I believe that everyone knows about the African American history because of all the different events in history that took place. I don’t know much about my Dominican side because I’m not close with my father or that side of my family. So it was great to
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