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Equality in America - Equality in America Equality is...

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Equality in America Equality is something that the United States makes every effort to maintain. Equality means that all men are created equal. However, there was a struggle for equality in our nation’s history. In the past slaves were not treated equal and sought freedom, once freed African Americans fought for the right to vote and to be treated as equals. Women also sought equal participation in society for their right to vote as well. In present time our society has no issues with equality to the point that when people from other countries think of America they think of freedom and equality. America is considered to be the melting pot a place where all cultures are supposedly accepted and come together as a whole. Diversity is an issue that Americans have dealt with in the past, are currently dealing with, and will deal with for years to come. America does have a wide variety of people from different countries and cultures but that doesn’t mean that they are all treated equal. Even though the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men
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