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Internet Privacy In our life cycle we are subject to privacy invasion through the electronic retrieval of our personal information which may be duplicated and misused. There are certain expectations that are carried about a person’s own personal information they believe that it is safeguarded. This is because certain steps are taken when working on one’s own system to ensure privacy is secure. For example using anti-virus software and making sure that the use of passwords and id’s are required. However at work a person should feel just as secure and carry the same expectations because the company should be using particular caution to safeguard employee information. Access to the web should not be as freely used as it is at the workplace because of the consequences that may arise. A person’s information could constantly be at risk either at home or in the workplace due to hacking and information abuse. Certain settings can put a person at risk more than others. Local places tent to have
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Unformatted text preview: less security to protect your information such as the local library, computer labs, or over WIFI connections. People use WIFI connections on a daily basis but have no idea if the person who owns that connection has access to the information that they are reviewing. The main issue is that people do not take the time to educate themselves on the details of the system. Conducting business at a local establishment can give greater access opportunities to many more people than either work or home environments. When using local establishments such as the library it is best to protect yourself by taking all the necessary actions to secure your information. A computer system can be unprotected through either unintentional or intentional means. The best protection a person can give themselves is to obtain as much knowledge as possible on the subject of information security and make take the steps to protect their information in those types of settings. Loretta Campbell May 27, 2011...
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