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Journal Entry Loretta Campbell
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AAGG0VK2E2 02/13/2011 Elizabeth Sherrell-Smith Journal Entry January 18 th 2002 Today was the start of a brand new life for me and my family. My older brother Sang is upset with mother and father because he never wanted to leave Korea because he believes he was in love with a girl who he went to school with name Kim. They were together all the time kind of like best friends you didn’t see one without the other. However, mother and father believe that our move to America is the best decision for the entire family. Plus father was offered a higher paying job at the factory. I have mixed emotions on the entire situation because I am not leaving behind much but at least I fit in at home I can’t say the same here. We’ve been in America for a month and I still feel just as awkward as the first day but my day at school made my day even more uncomfortable then before. I just do not fit in here no one can pronounce my name properly and most children mispronounce it on purpose. I mean its Chen what’s so hard about that? It is so different here back home every one even the girls learn and practice Tae Kwon Do it is one of our biggest past times. Tae Kwon Do is similar to Japanese karate, but it is sharper and quicker (Baumer, Katelyn 2010). I’m extremely good at
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Journal Entry - Journal Entry Loretta Campbell AAGG0VK2E2...

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