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Legislation Legacy The Chickaloon Native Village, a federally-recognized Athabascan Indian Tribal government in Alaska, filed a communications to the United Nations Expert on the human right to water and sanitation, seeking help in stopping a new open-pit coal mine in the Village’s traditional territory. The new mine proposed by the Usibelli Corporation would contaminate local drinking water sources as well as rivers, streams and groundwater to support salmon, moose and other animals and plants vital for subsistence, religious, and cultural practices. The United States Federal Government as well as the state of Alaska has, to date, not responded to Chickaloon’s firmly-stated opposition to the mine. A Portuguese human rights expert was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to make a visit to the United States where she will meet with the Wiinnemem Wintu and other Indigenous representatives. Mrs. De Albuquerque will meet with the US State Departement and
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Unformatted text preview: relevant Federal agencies as well as communities and experts to receive information regarding the human right to water and sanitation and the federal and state policies and practices that affect this right. The reasons behind Chickaloon’s filing is that the international standards like the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous people recognize that inherent sacred right to protect our water and keep it clean for the animals, fish, and future generations of our nation. The legislation is connected to this issue because there are law’s that have been enacted to protect people against situations such as this. People do have the right in the United States to have clean and sanitary water so that animals as well as humans can remain healthy to reproduce. T Loretta Campbell 03/17/2011...
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