Nutrition Final Project

Nutrition Final Project - Personalized Nutrition and...

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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan There are many different health conditions a person can suffer from if they do not keep their selves in good health by eating the right foods and consistent exercise. One health condition that I believe that I may suffer from if I do not stay on top of my health is diabetes. The reason why I believe that I have a high chance of developing diabetes is because my grandmother suffers from diabetes now and my great grandmother did also. Most disease is hereditary, or come from poor diets and lack of exercise. One of the best ways to help prevent or control diabetes is regular exercise. Regular exercise helps control the amount of sugar in the blood and increases levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. It also burns excess calories and fat to help you achieve optimal weight (Fitness and You, 2006-2010). So many people turn to fad diets and extreme workout plans to lose weight or to try and become healthier. The problem with most fad diets is that they are unhealthy and make you cut out the essentials vitamins and minerals that you need to build your immune system. So I did some research and found out what the best diet and exercise plan for an adult female in her early twenties. This diet and exercise plan is easy to follow and maintain throughout your life cycle with minor alterations if you were to become pregnant and as you age. Besides all the regular exercises that are done in the gym there are many things one can do to become more active like parking further away from the destination and walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, dancing, and walking around the block. These are just a few extra things a person can do to enhance activity levels to ensure health. A great diet and exercise plan starts with the diet first you have to make sure you are eating the right foods to fuel you for the exercise routine. I know that a normal twenty five year old isn’t even concerned with a meal plan or staying healthy because they are normally out partying and having a good time. But what a person in their early twenties is not aware of is that if you do not start a proper meal plan and exercise routine while your young all of the bad habits will continue and be harder to break as time goes on. And as you get older your metabolism slows down which makes it harder and harder for you to shed excess weight. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to start and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine early one before weight issues become a problem. The diet part of the healthy diet and exercise program comes first, because you have to
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Nutrition Final Project - Personalized Nutrition and...

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