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Unformatted text preview: Online Auction Ebay is an online company that sells goods through e-commerce but not just through the company but individual merchants that whole sale goods or conduct live auctions for consumers to bid on goods as well. Ebay basically leases their e-commerce to respectable sellers. Most of the auctions online last a few hours but can go up until a few weeks depending on how popular the item is and how many bidders are interested. At the end of the auction the bidder with the highest bid gets the item. Ebay is now available in over thirty countries but originated in the United States. Ebay has over a million merchants who sell goods, and depending on what the merchant is selling will determine if they will be successful or not. Merchants have to create a profile and take pictures of the products they want to sell. The merchant has to pay to list the items and for the pictures they add before they make a profit. Looking at it from a seller point of view, there are so many other sellers possibly selling the same items and could even be for less which is major competition which...
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